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Elizabeth Bruton 2011
I am a historian of technology and engineering in the late nineteenth and twentieth century, in particular history of communication (loosely defined), “dual use”military-civilian technologies, and women and technology (aka “gender and technology”) but I am also more generally interested in how society, culture, and people shape technologies and vice versa and how we can engage new and different audiences with the material culture of technology and engineering.

Other research interests include museum collections, military history especially World War One, history of computing, and scientific instruments.

In my spare time, I like to travel about and explore by bicycle (or “push-bike”, if you will) and so will include the odd post about cycling and cycling history.

In the past, I have blogged at:

I am passionate about widening public access to history of technology and the many different stories we tell about this fascinating sub-genre of history, culture, and society.

To this end, I regularly give public talks (see my Academia.edu profile for an up-to-date list of recent papers and talks) and have made media appearances including the “Age of War” episode of Lisa Jardine’s “Seven Ages of Science” on science and war and  the “In Our Timeepisode on the invention of radio, both on BBC Radio 4, as well as BBC 2’s “The Genius of Invention” and BBC 4’s “Shock and Awe: The History of Electricity” – see a sample clip here.

So why the blog title “the geek in 9F”, Liz?

I regularly travel to museums, archives and, other fascinating places by train.  Whenever I book a seat in the quiet carriage along with a bike reservation, they always put me in seat 9F.  Always.  One can but only reason why…

The geek bit?  I’m a geek and proud of it.

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